Custom Products

We also make custom products like . . .

Memory Mittens

     Memory Mittens are hand crafted from your wool products in memory of someone. For example, we made mittens from a grandfather's sweaters for the family after his passing. Or maybe you accidentally shrunk your favorite sweater. We can turn it into a new pair of mittens!

Custom Woodworking and Sign Making

    We make custom signage from wood, plastic or durable polyurethane foams. Our signs are great for your house, motorhome, cabin or cottage, camper, treehouse, office, business, farm, child's room, church or about anything you can think of. Great for gifts too! We also make hand made furniture which can be personalized. We have standard designs that you can personalize or we can work with your ideas too.

Personalized Glassware

     Can't find your pie plate after the potluck dinner? We have the perfect solution! We can etch your name on a pie plate or any clear glass!  Great gifts for a wedding, anniversary, house warming or special friend.

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